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24th May 2016

Peter Crouch reacts as video of his incredible dance moves sweeps Twitter

This clarifies things...

Simon Lloyd

Here at JOE, we pride ourselves on bringing you the biggest of sports stories as soon as they break.

So when video footage of an especially graceful dancing Peter Crouch started doing the rounds on Twitter in recent days, naturally, we were all over it.

With a couple of bystanders in the video sporting bikini tops, several folk on Twitter were quick to point out that Crouchy wasn’t enjoying a night out in Stoke.

With the Premier League season recently up, many wrongly jumped to the conclusion that this was recent footage of the former England striker making the most of the off-season.

Reacting to the video on Twitter, the lanky front-man acknowledged that his dance moves were of the highest order but added that the video was not a recent one.

Just as well really. Pre-season won’t be getting any easier for a 35-year-old. Conserve your energy Peter.