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24th May 2017

People are loving Mourinho’s celebration at the full time whistle

Paul Moore

This clearly meant a lot to him.

Given the emotion and pressure that the Manchester United’s players were facing as they headed into the Europa League final, it’s understandable that the entire squad and staff were utterly ecstatic as the full time whistle blew, none more so than Jose Mourinho.

The 2-0 win against Ajax now means that Mourinho has claimed his fourth major European title (UEFA Cup and Champions League with Porto, Champions League with Inter) but more importantly, Manchester United will be playing Champions League football next season.

It also does their chances of signing a certain Atletico Madrid striker no harm at all.

Granted, this season has been far from vintage for Manchester United with Mourinho rightfully receiving criticism for his tactics and combative dealings with the press, but as the referee blew his whistle, the Portuguese manager couldn’t contain his delight.

In fact, his son, Jose Junior, even wrestled his dad to the ground in a moment of sheer euphoria and happiness that we haven’t always seen from the Manchester United manager.

Great scenes.

Again, while successes in the League Cup and Europa League are admirable, United supporters will know that there’s still a lot of work to if they’re to get where they want to be, winning Premier League titles and competing for the Champions League.

This being said, tonight is a night for celebration and plenty of people agree that Mourinho got things 100% right in Stockholm.

The Special One is still special.