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29th Jul 2018

People are horrified by Manchester City’s pre-season squad outfit

Smart, casual, smart casual... smashual

Reuben Pinder

Smart, casual… smashual

Manchester City have had some rogue outfits before, but this is something else. For context, whenever the City squad travel away, the squad generally all wear the same outfit. Barcelona do the same thing. Rather than wearing a generic club suit, they’ll wear some sort of designer outfit. Presumably, it’s another way of making money through sponsorhips.

Their past outfits have included trainers, jeans, shirts and ties, and other monstrosities. But their outfit for their recent pre-season tour is just taking the piss.

The players were dressed head to toe in blac, the t-shirt displaying a print of ‘MANCHESTER CITY’ in block capitals. Original, I know.

On the bottom half, they wore black shorts. Cool. Fine. But it’s below the knee where it really gets ridiculous. Knee high socks and smart shoes? I am not an old person, but this has made me feel incredibly out of touch. Is this fashion?

The outfits were designed by clothing brand ‘DSQUARED2’, who apparently believe this looks good. Man City fans disagree.

Despite the horrendous clobber, the feeling around the club is positive heading into the new season. The team were runaway leaders in the Premier League last season, winning the title and breaking several records along the way.

With Riyad Mahrez having signed from Leicester and another midfielder tipped to be on the way, City fans have no reason to worry about regressing next season and it would be a surprise to see them dropping off their perch at the top of the table in the year ahead.