Paul Pogba has hilarious response to the viral thread about meeting with oblivious couple 1 year ago

Paul Pogba has hilarious response to the viral thread about meeting with oblivious couple

Pogba just wants to see the dog

Paul Pogba is a man who enjoys having fun. This enjoyment of, well, enjoyment, was one of the things that inadvertently brought the French superstar to the attention of a Twitter user and FIFA esport commentator Nate Patrick's parents recently.

As laid out in a brilliant Twitter thread by Patrick this week, his parents were on bard a train when they were slightly disturbed by the noise of some men playing Uno behind them.

Pogba and one of his teammates then came up to the man's parents and apologised for the noise, before asking them if they would like a photograph taken.

The oblivious pair were surprised at the cockiness of this unknown stranger, before eventually finding out - thanks to their football-mad son - that it was in fact Pogba and his midfield partner Nemanja Matic.

Patrick's Twitter thread understandably went viral, with people enjoying the innocent delight of his parents sharing a photograph of two of the world's most famous footballers alongside them.

As if it could get any better, his parents topped it all off by moving on extremely quickly and sharing a photograph of a random dog they met along their journey.

The thread has gone so viral that Pogba himself has now responded, asking Nate if he can see the dog.

"Man I need to see the dog. Say hi to your lovely folks for me!" he said.

To make matters even more surreal for Patrick and his parents, Manchester United's Twitter account have now gotten in on the act, inviting all three of them to the club's pre-season tour in Australia this summer.

Now all we need to complete this beautiful story is a picture of this dog. If anyone has a photograph of it please send it on.

Thankfully, that may be about to happen.