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25th May 2019

Paul Pogba absent from Manchester United’s pre-season promotions

Wayne Farry

May the tedious transfer speculation begin

The Premier League season is over and that means that it is now time to speculate about the futures of Premier League players over and over until August.

Paul Pogba is a Premier League player, but people don’t believe that he will be for much longer. There is no actual proof that Pogba is unhappy at Manchester United or that he wants to leave the club, but the team’s poor performance in recent months – combined with the abuse he received from some fans after Manchester United’s final league match – have led many to believe that it may be in both the club’s and the player’s interest to part ways this summer.

Pogba has spoken in the past about his desire to join Real Madrid at some point during his career, and with the Spanish giants undergoing what is likely to be a massive overhaul during the summer it would not come as a surprise if they made moves to recruit Pogba.

When a player is in a situation like Pogba’s situation fans of the club will always look for clues regarding their future – something the player says, something the manager says, or something the club does – and the release of the club’s promotional material for their upcoming pre-season tour is enough for some.

Both United’s men’s and women’s teams will tour Norway during the summer, playing two matches each in their manager Ole Gunnar Solskajer’s homeland.

The club has released posters for this tour, but interestingly none feature Pogba, which is pretty strange considering he is by a distance their biggest player, and certainly their biggest commercial asset.

Perhaps it is a sign of what the future holds, or perhaps Manchester United simply forgot to include him. With the club in the state it currently is, it’d be foolish to rule this out.