Patrice Evra threatens to fight former teammate with 'slap' after row over Manchester United celebration 3 years ago

Patrice Evra threatens to fight former teammate with 'slap' after row over Manchester United celebration

Patrice Evra is an interesting man

Whether you love him or loathe him you cannot ignore Patrice Evra. The man loves life. He loves kissing chicken carcasses and he loves getting views on his videos.


On 6 March he uploaded one of those videos, but there was no chicken love. No, instead, Evra simply threatened to slap his former teammate Monaco Jerome Rothen.

Rothen was critical of Evra for celebrating with France World Cup winner and Manchester United midfielder Paul Pogba following the Red Devils' 3-1 win over PSG in the Champions League second round on Wednesday.


United advanced to the tournament's quarter-finals with the win but Rothen took exception to Evra's celebrations when speaking to RMC after the game.

"Patrice Evra, who allows himself to make a video like that in the square, PSG's presidential platform, in front of Paris supporters, the shareholders of PSG ... but you respect who my coconut?" joked Jerome Rothen on RMC after the match in a comment that definitely makes less sense the more you read it.

"Let him celebrate, ok, let me know that he has marked the history of the club, ok, but respect him, let him make his videos outside or in the locker room, be happy, ok, we agree (...) Frankly Patrice, it's my friend, but do not do that."


Evra snapped back quickly at his former teammate and warned him to be careful the next time the two meet each other in a lengthy tirade he posted on his Instagram account.

"I was told Jerome said some nasty things about me," said Evra.

"I didn't believe it but then I was shown the video. Your reward, next time I see you, I'm going to slap you in the face.

"These aren't empty threats. You know we'll see each other eventually. You were always a salty pr*ck. I remember when L'Equipe gave you a rating of five and our other team-mates got seven, since you were paranoid of the ratings, you would call the journalist and ask: 'Why didn't you give me a seven?’


"Piece of sh*t. Stop telling bullsh*t, stop telling lies. Be careful, because we will cross roads eventually. I am sure we will."


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