One Arsenal player was absolutely hammered for his performance against Liverpool 3 years ago

One Arsenal player was absolutely hammered for his performance against Liverpool

"It's just pathetic."

While it's hard to pick one particular moment that sums up the story of a match, Aaron Ramsey's attempt to tackle Georginio Wijnaldum was almost a perfect summary of Arsenal's dismal performance at Anfield.


As the Dutch midfielder carried the ball forward, he nonchalantly dribbled past the Welshman not once, but twice in a matter of moments.

Football fans are used to hearing the cliche ' the man or the ball can go around you, but not both', and while nobody wants to see Ramsey make a reckless tackle on Wijnaldum or get booked for a silly foul, his apparent apathy and weakness to get near Wijnaldum encapsulated a toothless Gunners performance, especially from their midfielders.

To quote Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Ramsey was 'sent to buy a hot dog' by the Liverpool midfielder in these two moments.

Thing got worse though for the former Cardiff City player, as pointed out by Jamie Carragher and Gary Neville at half-time. Mesut Ozil's performance was also torn to shreds by the Sky Sports pundits.

During his half-time analysis, Carragher called the Arsenal midfield ‘absolutely shocking’ in the opening 45 minutes and Ramsey's lack of concentration for Roberto Firmino's opener was highlighted.


Ok, Granit Xhaka was guilty of giving the ball away, but Ramsey got a verbal battering from Carragher after he noticed that the Welsh international wasn't even looking in the direction of the play at the time.

During that moment, Ramsey was having a conversation with the Arsenal bench and wasn't even watching the ball.

Neville said that the tracking from Ozil and Ramsey was "pathetic."

"I'm fuming. It's just pathetic. I'd stick them all up on the transfer list, there aren't many who'd get better than where they're at. I'm not a Liverpool fan but this Arsenal team deserve a battering. The general attitude and lack of respect towards the shirt by 3 or 4 them. They (the Arsenal fans) must be livid. Honestly, I'd stick them all on the transfer list. Ain't many of them will get a better club than where they're at now," said Neville.


Goals from Firmino, Mane, Salah and Sturridge ensured a comfortable win for Klopp's men, but it came as no surprise to see Ramsey being substituted at half-time for Coquelin.

Liverpool were aggressive, ruthless and hyped for the match, Arsenal were the exact opposite.


The win sees Liverpool move into second place, but as for Arsenal, Arsene Wenger will undoubtedly be changing his midfield partnership ahead of their next league match at home to Bournemouth.

As for Ramsey, he'll be hoping that the international break can revitalise his performance levels. Ozil too.