Some of the official Euro 2016 slogans are pretty amusing 6 years ago

Some of the official Euro 2016 slogans are pretty amusing

The quality of slogans for Euro 2016 is varied, to say the least.

Fans of each of the 24 countries who qualified were given the opportunity to choose the motivational message to feature on their team's bus.


Despite the campaign not exactly getting off to the greatest of starts, the votes have all been counted and the results are in. Each team competing in France now has their slogan, but some are definitely better than others.


Our favourite by far. Considering it came down to this, "Albania, you give me honour" and "Fly Eagle", we think they absolutely made the right choice.


Albania slogan


And again?

Austria slogan



No idea.

Hungary slogan



Very clever from the Russians to change the Three Musketeers' slogan just enough to avoid having to shell out on all those pesky royalties.

Russia slogan


Much like the Austrians, it seems as though the Swiss are massive fans of repetition.

Switzerland slogan



But, it hasn't even begun either.

Turkey slogan

The rest of the team's slogans are as follows:

Belgium: 1 Team - 1 Ambition

Croatia: New fire, old place, same hope

Czech Republic: One team = One Goal!

England: One team, one dream

France: Your strength, our passion

Germany: We will make it!

Iceland: Come on Iceland

Ireland: Dream it. Believe it. Achieve it.


Northern Ireland: Dare to dream.

Poland: United by football

Portugal: A Team. A passion. 11 million people in the heart. Go Portugal!

Romania: One team, three colors and millions of hearts beating for Romania!

Slovakia: One nation, one heart, one dream!

Spain: One colour, one passion. We are ‘La Roja’

Sweden: Together for Sweden

Ukraine: Victory starts with a dream

Wales: The dragons shall rise