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16th Mar 2017

Of course you want to watch this double bicycle kick goal, because you’re only human

Two is better than one

Tom Victor

There aren’t many things in football better than bicycle kick goals, but we can think of one.

The answer, as I’m sure you can work out, is a bicycle kick goal set up by a bicycle kick assist.

Step forward Botafogo, and their well-travelled forward Roger.

The 32-year-old scored the opener in the Brazilian club’s 2-1 Copa Libertadores group stage victory over Argentina’s Estudiantes, with the help of acrobatics from a teammate.

It’s the least you’d expect from a man who shares his name with the boxing kangaroo from Tekken 2 (don’t pretend you don’t remember), but it’s still a much more impressive finish than most 32-year-olds are capable of, regardless of the league in which they play.

Sure, the first of the two bicycle kicks wasn’t the cleanest, but we need to remember that a bad bicycle kick is still better than a good regular kick.

Estudiantes’ Juan Otero equalised after the break, but Roger’s teammate Rodrigo Pimpão scored the winner 11 minutes from time to send Botafogo top of their group.

Okay, you’ve waited long enough now. We know what you came here for. You know what you came here for. So here it is.