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08th Apr 2017

No, Heung-Min Son didn’t forget Kieran Trippier’s name after win over Watford

Give the man a second

Darragh Murphy

Selective editing can really change things.

It should be pointed out that English isn’t the first language of Tottenham Hotspur forward Heung-Min Son so we should definitely cut him a little bit of slack for his post-match interviews.

Son is obviously going to take longer to answer questions than his English-speaking teammates but, one thing is for sure, he definitely knows their names.

Son scored twice as Spurs hammered Watford 4-0 in Saturday’s lunchtime kick-off and almost had a hat-trick but it wasn’t to be.

And after the game, the South Korea international’s interview with Sky Sports went viral as gun-jumping viewers felt he didn’t know Kieran Trippier’s name.

“For me it was not so difficult to score because the cross from my friend was unbelievable,” Son started.


That was all we were left with and Son was made to look like a fool.

But if we run the interview on literally two seconds longer, Son clearly refers to his teammate by name.

“I’m really thankful for Kieran and to score,” Son continued.

Now that that’s cleared up, carry on with your weekend and don’t you EVER doubt Heung-Min Son again.