Nick Kyrgios tells 'snitch' line judge she 'has no fans' 1 month ago

Nick Kyrgios tells 'snitch' line judge she 'has no fans'

You want some? I'll give it ya

Nick Kyrgios performed his best impression of the Wealdstone Raider at Wimbledon on Tuesday after he accused the line of judge of being a 'snitch' before claiming she 'has no fans.'


The Australian, who is well known for losing his temper on the court, took just 12 minutes before he became irrationally annoyed at something. Surely even that's a record, even for him.

Nick Kyrgios line judge

Kyrgios was playing against Paul Jubb of Great Britain


Kyrgios was involved in a heated exchange with the line judge over a line call during his match against Paul Jubb, who was leading the first set 3-2 at the time.

Once the decision had gone against him, Kyrgios let out all his fury, and accused her of several things in typical Kyrgios fashion.

"Has one person today come to see her speak?" Kyrgios asked.

"No. I understand, but why is she doing that? Not one person in the stadium has come here to watch her do anything! Not one person.


"Like, you know what I mean? You've got fans, but she has got none.

"What did I do? Like, come on. I know, but what? She just selfishly walks to you in the middle of a game because she's a snitch!"


Kyrgios claimed he had been the victim of 'racial slurs' during the game

The 27-year-old also claimed that he had been the victim of 'racial slurs' from members of the crowd on Court Three and demanded that they be removed.

"You should just remove them from the crowd," he said.

"So pure disrespect from a spectator to an athlete is acceptable at Wimbledon? But you don't accept a hat with two logos? When's the line? That's acceptable, racism is acceptable so when does it stop? So where's the line?

"It's been happening for years. If they were making racial slurs to him [Jubb] I would say the same thing."


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