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20th Mar 2017

Neymar’s latest comments will have Premier League transfer muppets buzzing with excitement

He's as good as on his way then... or just angling for another new deal at Barca

Simon Lloyd

What’s this?

The media trying to ramp up the speculation about a potentially massive summer transfer that almost certainly won’t happen? Anyone would think we’re on the cusp of an international break…

Yes, here we are, doing absolutely nothing to stop the spread of such transfer gossip across social media by bringing you the latest quotes from Neymar.

Weeks on from playing a key role in Barcelona’s dramatic late turnaround against Paris Saint-Germain, the Brazilian is saying really, really nice things about the Premier League. So nice, it’s enough to make you believe he’s already got his eye on another lucrative new contract at the Camp Nou.

“The Premier League is a championship that amazes me,” he’s quoted as saying in The Sun.

“And who knows? Someday, I would like to play at it, yes.”

It’s enough to leave transfer muppets the length and breadth of the country foaming at the mouth. And Neymar wasn’t done there, either, as he continued to speak of his admiration for as many as FOUR different clubs.

“I admire Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal, Liverpool — these are the teams that are always there fighting.”

Not fussy, is he?

And just in case Manchester City supporters were feeling left out, he also praises Pep Guardiola, too.

“And then you have high-level coaches like Mourinho and Guardiola. These are coaches with whom any player would like to work.

​“In the Premier League you never know who is going to win or who will be champions, it is always a surprise,” Neymar continued.

With a couple of months remaining until the end of the season, there’s ample time for Neymar to talk up a potential move to Tottenham, too.