Newcastle United sign bricklayer mate of Allan Saint-Maximin... no, really 9 months ago

Newcastle United sign bricklayer mate of Allan Saint-Maximin... no, really

Anyone in the mood forΒ GOAL 4?

It's been a while since we had a wacky transfer story - providing you don't consider Manchester United spending Β£40 million for a midfielder to sit on their bench 'wacky' - but Newcastle United are here to save the day.


That's because they have just signed 23-year-old forward Florent Indalecio, a player whose last footballing experience was in the Australian fourth division, to his first ever professional contract.

Indalecio is friends with Newcastle star Allan Saint-Maximin, with whom he was teammates in the Saint Etienne before being let go by the club for disciplinary reasons.

He has been on trial at Newcastle since August, and clearly impressed; a bicycle kick he scored in a training match can be seen below and it is rather good to be fair.

He had most recently been playing his football with Fraser Park FC in the New South Wales fourth division in Australia, while reportedly working as a bricklayer.


But now, here is, signed to under-23s in what is truly an absolutely remarkable story. He is signed to a contract until the end of the season.

In a post on his Instagram account, Indalecio said: "I am extremely excited and grateful to announce that I have signed my first professional contract with Newcastle.

"I want to thank God, my family and friends for guiding me through this long unusual journey as well as this amazing club for giving me the opportunity to achieve my dream.

"I will dedicate my all to achieve success with this club. Can't wait to get to work, the best is yet to come."