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25th Jun 2015

Neo Nazi thugs ruin this awesome downhill biking run in Slovakia (Video)

Ben Kenyon

Just when you thought downhill racing couldn’t get any more extreme, Neo Nazis turn up.

Brazilian rider Bernardo Cruz was tearing through the streets of Bratislava, Slovakia, in round three of the City Downhill World Tour

Awesome headcam footage shows the rider tearing down cobbled alleyways, launching off ramps and dodging street obstacles.

But there was one obstacle that stopped this epic run in its tracks – a 300-strong mob of far right protesters smashing things up.

Media reports say an anti-immigration rally was being held in the city when a mob split off to go and wreck the downhill championships.

As you can see from this TV footage, the race had to be called off…


H/T MBR/Extreme