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27th Jun 2017

MP completely messes up football analogy when criticising government deal

Yep, we all heard it

Paul Moore

Yep, we all heard it.

With news that Theresa May has discovered a brand new money tree that’s worth £1.5 billion – £1bn in “new money” that is – various people have been commenting on the fact that it’s the DUP that will be reaping its harvest.

With 10 DUP MPs in government, various people have been remarking that obtaining support from the Arlene Foster-led party has been an expensive acquisition for the Tories.

The official statement said that this confidence and supply agreement will “operate to deliver a stable government in the United Kingdom’s national interest”, but as is the norm with any financial commitment from the government, the decision has been met with scrutiny and criticism from certain people.

One of the MPs that’s apprehensive about this deal with the DUP is Pete Wishart, Scottish National Party MP for Perth and North Perthshire.

In fact, he retweeted a relevant comparison between the DUP deal and the football transfer market to highlight the fact that the Tories are paying a hefty fee to obtain the DUP’s backing.

After this tweet went viral, Sky invited Pickard to appear on TV in order to discuss the Tory/DUP deal.

However, things went a bit pear shaped.

When discussing the fact that the support from each DUP MP will effectively cost £100m – the amount that Real Madrid paid Spurs for Gareth Bale – Wishart got confused with Bale’s equally famous Welsh namesake, actor Christian Bale.

Well, they’re practically the same person.

Bale runs down the wings. Batman uses his wings to glide.

See, same thing.