Mourad Aliev was not happy about being disqualified from the men's Olympic boxing 1 month ago

Mourad Aliev was not happy about being disqualified from the men's Olympic boxing

Mourad Aliev went on to protest his disqualification for a series of head clashes

Frenchman Mourad Aliev was disqualified in the men's super-heavyweight Olympic boxing earlier today, a decision that saw the 26-year-old stage a sit-in protest following the end of the fight.


The aftermath made for a slightly uneasy watch, as his disqualification wasn't announced until after the fight had concluded and the referee lifted the hand of his opponent, Team GB's Frazer Clarke, to declare victory. This was his reaction - safe to say, he was not a happy bunny:

As you can see, following the decision, Aliev proceeds to grab the camera and wag his finger down the lens, before going on to complain to the trainers, Clarke and the judges off-screen.

Aliev even went on to hold somewhat of a protest by staying sat on the edge of the canvas for some time, still clearly unwilling to accept the decision.

Mourad Aliev protests his disqualification from Tokyo 2020


Clarke, who now progresses to the semi-finals of the event, spoke to BBC Sport following the tense finish to affairs. He noted how this is not only the "fourth time" the pair have fought but the "fifth cut" he has received "and not one of them has been [from] a punch]" following a scrappy bout which many will argue Aliev led for some time.

Most importantly, however, Clarke spoke well and it is yet another Brit advancing to the latter stages of this year's Olympics. Team GB picked two gold medals today alone, thanks to Charlotte Worthington and Max Whitlock, not to mention a number of victories in other events already notched in Tokyo 2020.

Here's hoping for a few more before the tournament closes out.