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07th Mar 2017

Monday Night Football pundits pinpoint the exact weaknesses within Paul Pogba’s game

"He's still nowhere near good enough"

Robert Redmond

Neither Frank Lampard or Jamie Carragher are convinced by Paul Pogba.

The pair dissected Pogba’s game on Monday Night Football, and claimed that the Manchester United midfielder hasn’t come close to justifying his world record transfer fee and that he’s a defensive liability.

‘He’s not a game changer,” Lampard said, before comparing Pogba’s price tag to players actually capable of making a key difference in a game.

The former Chelsea midfielder said Pogba could end up fulfilling his potential, but he is currently something of a headache for Jose Mourinho’s side.

“He has potential, but the problem he is… who do you spend £90m on, a [Luis] Suarez, [Cristiano] Ronaldo, [Lionel] Messi.

“We need to wait until next season to see if he’s improving. But I do believe that is in him. If you spend £90m, you don’t want a £90m problem. I’m sure Jose Mourinho will solve it but at the moment he’s not fluent.”

Carragher praised Pogba’s ability to link up with Zlatan Ibrahimovic, but said the 23-year-old is poor defensively and lacks discipline.

“He’s still nowhere near good enough and hasn’t got the discipline,” Carragher said.

The former Liverpool defender went on to highlight examples of Pogba’s poor defensive contribution, including an incident against Southampton in the EFL Cup final.

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