Millwall players still planning to take the knee before game against QPR tonight 1 year ago

Millwall players still planning to take the knee before game against QPR tonight

A statement from the club initially said players would link arms instead

Millwall players still plan to take the knee before tonight's clash with QPR, according to reports.


Sections of the Millwall support booed the gesture before Saturday's game with Derby County, prompting a backlash within football and beyond.

West Ham and Colchester United also saw the gesture booed by certain fans in attendance.

Saturday marked the first time in nine months that fans were allowed back into grounds in tier 1 and 2 areas of England.


The Den was one of the lucky stadiums, as it played host to Millwall versus Derby in the Championship. Prior to kick-off, players from both sides decided to take the knee as a sign of commitment towards anti-racism.

The gesture was initially popularised by NFL player Colin Kaepernick, who protested against police brutality and racial injustice in the United States by kneeling during the national anthem.

The gesture has since become synonymous in the UK with the Black Lives Matter movement.

Millwall players take the knee before their game against Derby County. (Photo: Getty)

Millwall initially said they would link arms with QPR on Tuesday evening, instead of taking the knee.

A club statement read: "Millwall believe that this gesture, which the club hopes to repeat with other visiting teams in the coming weeks and months, will help to unify people throughout society in the battle to root out all forms of discrimination."

Millwall have so far failed to condemn the booing, only going so far as to reiterate their commitment to tackling racism in general.


The club statement continued: "Millwall have a zero-tolerance policy against racial and all other forms of discrimination and want to again make clear to anybody who holds such views that you are not welcome at this football club. Millwall's stance, as always, is that anybody found guilty of racial abuse is banned for life."

However, Sky Sports were informed that the majority of Millwall players still plan to take the knee in tonight's game. It has also been reported that some Millwall players were left distressed and in tears by the actions of supporters in Saturday's game.