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27th Apr 2017

Michael Bisping has his say on Georges St-Pierre’s unfamiliar physique ahead of super-fight

"He looks like he’s been impregnated by an alien"

Darragh Murphy

Georges St-Pierre is free to be a bit more generous with his meal portions ahead of his return to the Octagon.

For the first time in his career, St-Pierre will compete in the UFC’s middleweight division as the former long-time welterweight champion moves up a division to take on 185lbs kingpin Michael Bisping.

While a date has yet to be set for the super-fight and Bisping has since threatened to take the title shot away from GSP if he continues to insist upon a date later in the year, the bout is not believed to be in jeopardy and we should expect to see the greatest welterweight of all time face off with the mouthiest middleweight in the world at some stage before 2017 comes to an end.

As noted above, the fight will be St-Pierre’s first at 185lbs and his current physique would suggest that he is in the process of bulking up so that he doesn’t give up too much size to ‘The Count’.

This week, the below photograph of the Canadian went viral as it appeared that St-Pierre was carrying some excess body fat.

Now, let us jog your memory in terms of the St-Pierre that we’re more accustomed to seeing.

Bisping has seen the photograph of the new GSP and it’s safe to say that he’s not impressed with the changes.

“I don’t know what’s going on, to be quite frank,” Bisping said on his Believe You Me podcast, via “But he looks like he’s been impregnated by an alien.”

But while some have suggested that St-Pierre, 35, has fallen victim to the modern phenomenon of the ‘dad bod’, Bisping simply believes he is trolling the notoriously fickle MMA fans by making them believe he is out of shape.

“He’s in his typical GSP little spandex tiny shorts, but they’re black, not white,” Bisping said. “He’s got his shin pads and his MMA gloves on. And a gigantic belly sticking. I know he said he’s getting bigger…

“His belly is sticking out, and he looks a little weird, so I think he’s having a little fun. I think he’s pushing his belly out.”