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12th May 2015

Memphis Depay: Amsterdam Gangster

Nooruddean Choudry

Louis van Gaal may have finally met his match. Memphis Depay is not the kind of man to upset in a hurry…

We’ve obtained exclusive footage of the star forward’s no nonsense treatment of associates who disrespect him. This chap owed Memphis cash – and it was time to pay up…

The stupid punk didn’t appreciate who he was talking to, so Mr Depay had to dish out some badass retribution, using a particularly dangerous-looking water pistol…

Only joking! Our favourite dreamchaser was playing along with a skit on Dutch show Voetbalflitsen! 

It’s a play-by-play scene from 2007 movie, American Gangster, in which Denzel Washington plays notorious hoodlum Frank Lucas.

Watch Memphis being a good sport in the video below. He’s a sweetheart really!