McDonald's mocks Liverpool for new third kit 2 months ago

McDonald's mocks Liverpool for new third kit

It's difficult to not think of the fast food giants when you see this kit

Liverpool has unveiled its bold third kit, but not everyone is "lovin it".


Well, except, McDonald's, that is.

Many football fans were fast to point out the similar colour scheme between the famous burger-flippers and the Premier League giants after it was revealed on Wednesday.

First, here's the kit, which was announced with a typically flashy promo vid and campaign.

It's certainly one that may divide opinion, and a lot of fans all thought one thing - sadly it wasn't "I'm lovin' it."


But it seems that McDonald's is.

In a tweet from the official McDonald's UK account, the fast-food chain said: "OMG, I love your top, where did you get it..."

And the witty remark didn't go unnoticed by the social team at Anfield, with the club's retail account replying: "But are you lovin' it though?"

Maccies confirmed they're a fan as well, writing that there's "something about it that's just... *chefs kiss*"


Fans across the world of football Twitter have enjoyed pointing out the similarity between the Reds' third kit and the uniform that you may expect to see someone wearing when they take your order at the famous Golden Arches.



But amongst all the comparisons to Maccies, let's not ignore the training top in that video as well.

As usually seems to be the aim with third kits nowadays, this one has certainly got people talking and caused a stir.

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