Mark Wood leaves fans in hysterics after sharing post-anaesthetic video 2 months ago

Mark Wood leaves fans in hysterics after sharing post-anaesthetic video

At least there's one thing to smile about from England's tour

England cricketer Mark Wood provided a moment of joy for fans as he shared a video of the effects of being placed under anaesthetic.


Wood had underwent surgery on his elbow after sustaining an injury during the first Test of England's tour of the West Indies earlier this month.

A statement from the ECB had said that the operation had "removed bone and scar tissue to address an impingement problem that was causing pain in his elbow when bowling."

But following the surgery, Wood was still feeling the effects of the painkillers and provided some rather entertaining content, which couldn't go to waste.


Mark Wood anaesthetic video

'Is my arm still attached? Did they cut my arm off?'

In a post on his Instagram, the 32-year-old shared a compilation of videos he described as "absolute rubbish" after he had woken up post-surgery.

At first, the fast bowler can be heard saying: "I am so chilled. Is my arm still attached? Did they cut my arm off? I feel better, what happened? I feel alright.


"Is my shoulder meant to be sore? That's weird that. I've have had elbow surgery but my shoulders aching. Whatever. I'll still bowl fast."

Wood's hysterics continued as he was then offered a cup of tea by the nurse, to which he promptly said that "northern boys love gravy and Bovril," before then asking everyone to "shake their legs like Elvis Presley."


Another separate clip can also see Wood talking about feeling as 'relaxed as Ibiza' - despite admitting that he had never been to the Balearic island before.

'I am chilled. Ibiza chilled.'

Mark Wood anaesthetic video

"I haven't been anxious have I?" he asked.

"Have I been okay? I am chilled. Ibiza chilled. I've never been to Ibiza."


The bowler's injury means he will now have to miss the upcoming IPL season despite being bought for a huge sum by the league's newcomers, Lucknow Supergiants.

Again, Wood was able to provide comedy gold when asked for his thoughts on missing the T20 competition. He said: "I am so sad. Not [playing] this time. I like Andy Flower. He's a nice guy. Keyhole. Bowen gone? Lollipop, lollipop."

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