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30th Jun 2021

Marcus Rashford deletes tweet after ‘confirming’ Sancho to United

Danny Jones

Rashford could have just confirmed Sancho to United

He deleted the tweet… *Insert eyes emoji here*

Most football fans will either remember last night for the rest of their lives or don’t have a very good recollection of it all, if you catch my drift. It was majestic, magical, more than anyone could have hoped for. Or could they?…

Following the game, the usual slew of official social media messages began to drip through; us as fans liked, retweeted, and shared almost on auto-pilot: they deserved it and we just wanted to show the players how much we appreciated it.

However, there was one particular tweet that caught people’s eye and that was from Marcus Rashford MBE. One follower asked him to ‘Announce Sancho Marcus’, to which his account replied: ‘Yes x’.

Rashford replies to tweet about Sancho

What!? Just like that? The entire Jadon Sancho to United saga finally over after nothing more than yet another fan page simply asking Rashford if he is joining? Fabrizio Romano, eat your heart out! Or maybe not…

A few hours after the tweet was initially posted, it was no longer, deleted by Rashford’s himself. The specific reply came after @unitedcloud took a punt under a seemingly innocuous tweet from an England fan sharing a picture of the Man United star’s name on her kid’s shirt.

As you can see, the tweet is now deleted but take from me – a person who saw it go live – and everyone else who saw United Twitter go in to meltdown, it was real and he did tweet it.

Rashford deleted reply

‘Yes x’ is now official transfer parlance and trumps ‘Here we go!’ – facts.

Now, a lot of people are debating whether Marcus may have had a few shandies after the Germany game, or was simply teasing fans knowing full well he could delete it the morning after. Either way, he did and started today by ‘clearing up’ any confusion.

You know exactly what you’re doing, Rashy, and we absolutely love it.

On a slightly more serious note, it is funny to think that this how the Sancho to United saga could all come to an end: nothing more than a tweet from a player.

We’ve been seeing how close the two look throughout the England camp so far and now add that to this, it’s as good as seeing him in the shirt for some. That being said, we’re still gonna wait to see it until we believe it.