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05th Nov 2016

Manchester United legend Dong Fangzhuo undergoes plastic surgery to escape constant mockery

Extreme measures

Simon Lloyd

Remember Dong Fangzhou? *Of course* you remember Dong Fangzhou.

Now 31 years of age, the former China international was huge part of the Manchester United team between 2004 and 2008, scoring a total of zero goals in his one full League Cup appearance and two substitute appearances for the club.

After leaving United eight years ago, Fangzhou’s career failed to hit the dizzying heights that someone, somewhere apparently many expected it to. Some have even put forward wild, far-fetched theories that United only signed him in an attempt to earn themselves more Chinese supporters – not for his enormous footballing potential.

Roma v Manchester United - UEFA Champions League

Retiring two years ago, it now appears that poor old Dong has found it difficult to cope with what he deems as a failed footballing career.

Marca have pointed out how he’s taken the extreme step of undergoing facial surgery in a bid to escape people making fun of his playing career. Here’s an excerpt of their story:

‘Recently the former striker, who retired before turning 30, popped up on Chinese television in search of a fresh identity, physically as well as mentally, as he underwent facial surgery to halt the mockery he faced on a daily basis as a footballing failure. See Fangzhuo’s before and after picture in the tweet below’

Quite a story. The tweet below claims to show the before and after shots.

Here’s another look…

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