Manchester United are hoping the Drake curse helps them beat Barcelona 2 years ago

Manchester United are hoping the Drake curse helps them beat Barcelona

They need all the hope they can get

Manchester United face the mountainous task of beating Barcelona at the Camp Nou this evening. Trailing by a single goal, they will need to win 1-0 to take it to extra time. But if Barcelona score, United will have to win at least 2-1. Failing that, they'll be eliminated from the Champions League and their only hope of qualifying for the Champions League next season will be finishing in the top four of the Premier League, which is far from guaranteed.


Now in case you hadn't noticed, Barcelona are really quite good. Their team is littered with quality - including the greatest player of all time, Lionel Messi - and their home form is imperious. Very few people, except for Rio Ferdinand, are giving United much of a chance tonight. They need all the help they can get, and appear to be hoping that the famous 'Drake curse' can help them proceed to the semi-finals.

If you are unfamiliar with the Drake curse, it's essentially the idea that every time Drake wears a team's shirt, of any sport, or takes pictures with a team's player, that team will lose the following weekend.

United's official Spanish Twitter account tried to summon the powers of the curse this evening, tweeting a picture of Drake in a Barcelona jersey, captioned with the 'fingers crossed emoji'.

Now, it seems unlikely that the Drake curse will work in United's favour tonight given this photo was taken years ago, as you can tell by the fact he's wearing Barça's 2011/12 jersey.


But as I said, they need all the help they can get so why the fuck not?