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13th May 2019

Manchester City fans abuse and throw beer at Gary Neville following win over Brighton

Gary Neville was targeted by a small group of Manchester City fans who threw beer at the Sky Sports pundit following their title victory

Reuben Pinder

He was rooting for them all season…

The mood was buoyant in the away end at the Amex Stadium on Sunday afternoon, as Manchester City fans celebrated a 4-1 win over Brighton, becoming the first team to retain the Premier League title since their local rivals Manchester United did so in 2009 in the process.

But as always, a few morons lowered the tone with some needlessly aggressive behaviour.

Footage circulating on social media first posted on Snapchat by ‘Ginger Coets’ shows a small group of City fans throwing beer at former United player and Sky Sports pundit Gary Neville as he exited the premises.

Just a warning: the caption on this Snapchat video features the C-bomb.

It appears there was only one City fan who made any sort of aggressive gesture towards Neville, while others seemed to enjoy watching, but a large number appeared to disapprove and actually tried to protect him from the onslaught of lager.

If you ever needed a reminder that while most football fans are good, a few idiots can spoil the party, this is it.