Man designs football kits for the UK's biggest supermarkets 1 month ago

Man designs football kits for the UK's biggest supermarkets

When you've got stock take at six but ASDA away at 10

One budding creative has designed football kits for the UK's biggest supermarkets, including Tesco, Sainsbury's, ASDA and Morrisons.

Using SWAZ online kit designer, Twitter user Joe Parton produced concept football kits for the largest stores in the country.

Should the biggest supermarkets ever turn their back on retail for a move into professional sport, at least they have a ready-made kit supplier at hand.

In addition to each kit concept, Parton outlined his thought process behind each design.

Let's take a look at the supermarket football kits in further detail.

First up is Tesco, which Parton says "is inspired by their iconic carrier bag, while the away kit is a nod to the high-vis jackets worn by delivery drivers".

There are shades of Brighton about the home strip. The away kit is reminiscent of Man City and Barcelona third kits from recent years - namely in that it resembles an ice lolly.

Sainsbury's kit has more than a touch of the AS Romas about it.

ASDA's kit strongly resembles Forest Green. Not bad, but Forest Green are the UK's first plant-based football club, serving only vegan food at their ground. Could ASDA commit to that?

Next up is Morrisons.


What this kit is missing is a mention of the salad bar. That's the only reason anyone actually goes to Morrisons, right?

Yes, I've got four boiled eggs squeezed into a Tupperware box along with seven different varieties of pasta. Leave me alone. If that's the stadium food or pre-match meal, count us in.

Moving on to The Co-op's design, Parton hopes "these two kits 'cooperate' well with each other this season". Let's leave that there and move on to the next one.

With Iceland's strip, the designer says it combines "A fiery home shirt and an icy white away number. That victory vs England seems a distant memory".

M&S. The home jersey is forgettable, but the Percy Pig away strip is world class.

Now we move on to Waitrose, a.k.a the Fulham of supermarkets.

This design is, like one of its most prominent colours, beige. Waitrose meal deals are also vastly overpriced - much most summer signings who end up at Craven Cottage.

Next up: Lidl.

Lidl already has footwear made in its colour scheme, so why not a football kit?

If Lidl was a football club, they'd punch above their weight with a squad comprising bargain European imports. Think Brentford, David Wagner's Huddersfield and before that - Swansea under Roberto Martinez.

Why pay big bucks for the largest brands, when there will always be a cheaper version from Austria that does the same job?

Last but not least, we've got Aldi.

The best has been saved till last, it seems.

The away kit alone wins hands down, but the home jersey is quite smart too. Aldi's midfield three would definitely comprise a pair of scuba diving goggles, a camping chair and a pack of Moldovan biscuits.

And they'd be f***ing class.