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13th Nov 2018

Lord Sugar tweets behind the scenes video of new Spurs stadium

Kyle Picknell

He called it an ‘honour’ to be the first person to take a piss there

Lord Alan Sugar, the man in the big swivel chair on the hit show featuring some of the worst people on the planet, The Apprentice, is a bizarre individual.

Mostly due to the weird kink he went through of posting about his 90-fucking-inch Sharp TV, which he has done, a lot.

Now he has brought us another weird tweet, this time cleverly disguised as a normal tweet.

At first glance, it’s a pretty useful behind-the-scenes look at the new Spurs stadium, which has taken roughly 6000 years to build and has cost approximately the same amount as if they had constructed it on the surface of the moon.

A good thing then, that it actually looks pretty fucking cool. It might just be the fact that it was a very sunny day and the light was hitting all the steel and glass just right, but still. Spurs fans can be pleased with their new, even if it is shaped like a toilet bowl.

Then the former Spurs chairman went and ruined it, in three distinct parts.

First, by calling it the best in the UK (wrong), and Europe (very wrong) and possibly in the world (extraordinarily wrong).

Secondly, by declaring it an ‘honour’ to become the first person to take a piss in the director’s lounge toilet.

And finally, by being the only grown adult who still calls a piss a ‘wee’ and a toilet a ‘loo’.

Remember, ladies and gentlemen, that this is a 71-year-old billionaire calling a piss a pee and tweeting pictures of himself pointing at his own face blown up on a ridiculous 90-inch television.

And now this is Lord Sugar, arguing with a stranger on the internet, implying that when Bob the workman took a dump in the Directors Bog he didn’t, in fact, urinate at the same time in an attempt to cling onto the ‘honour’ of being the first person to piss in a toilet.

What a world.