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10th May 2019

Liverpool supporters not happy with leaked away kit for 2019/20 season

Blue on a Liverpool shirt??

Darragh Murphy

We don’t have long to wait before confirmation of whether this leak is accurate

Liverpool supporters are not one bit happy about the leaked photos of what appears to be the club’s new away shirt.

The typically reliable FootyHeadlines are of the belief that the below image likely shows what Jurgen Klopp’s side will be wearing on away days next season.

The shirt is predominantly white but, interestingly, features a colour that is seldom seen on Liverpool kits as some details, such as the logos, are navy blue while the sleeve features a red and blue design.

FootyHeadlines note that the image almost certainly shows what Reds fans can expect next season as the collar is the same style as the one seen on New Balance’s new goalkeeper kits for Celtic.

It’s not gone down well with supporters, however, who have complained about the blue colour in particular.

We don’t know when the official announcement of Liverpool’s new away kit will be made although it will be the last thing on the minds of most fans for the coming weeks as the Reds have a Champions League final to contend with, as well as the final day of the Premier League season which could well see them crowned champions.