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06th Nov 2015

Liverpool legend Steven Gerrard is doing something incredible for Syrian refugees

Ben Kenyon

Steven Gerrard is a legend for many reasons.

In the eyes of Liverpool fans the man can do no wrong – but even if you’re not a massive fan of the former Reds captain, you’ve got to respect him for this.

The LA Galaxy midfielder has stepped in to help refugees fleeing war and persecution from countries like Syria and Iraq with a brilliant gesture.

Gerrard has put the boots he wore for his farewell game at Anfield up for auction to raise money for the British Red Cross Europe Refugee Appeal.

If you don’t remember those boots – they were specially made for his swansong match by Adidas and had the inscription ‘You leave a legend, you’ll return a hero. The city of Liverpool is always with you. You’ll never walk alone.’

Gerrard has signed the boots and put them up on eBay for fans to bid on…

While Gerrard’s gesture is admirable, it has been football as a whole that has led the way in responding to the refugee crisis across Europe and the Middle East.

Fans from England, Scotland and German stood in solidarity with people fleeing the war in Syria, Champions League clubs raised millions for the cause and the Syrian father who was infamously kicked into the dirt was given a coaching job in Spain.