Liverpool fans 'disappointed' with Andy Robertson tweet 6 months ago

Liverpool fans 'disappointed' with Andy Robertson tweet

Robertson revealed his first NFT collection on Monday

Andy Robertson was on the receiving end of some disappointed and angry tweets from Liverpool fans after announcing a new NFT collection.


On Monday, the Scotland captain posted a graphic on Twitter which included information about his 'exclusive' and first NFT collection.

The Reds defender captioned the post: "My first #NFT collection ‘Hometown Heroes’ is now available on sporteNFT marketplace. Check out my collection".


NFTs - which are a digital asset stored as part of the blockchain and traded in the form of cryptocurrency - are bought and sold online, with several high-profile footballers recently getting involved.

The volatile nature of cryptocurrency, the dubious ways in which NFTs are being advertised and the environmental impact of blockchain technology make this topic a lightning rod for controversy.

Unsurprisingly, Robertson's adverting of his own personal collection didn't go down very well with a large section of the Liverpool fanbase on social media.


Several supporters replied to the former Hull City man asking him to take the post down, while some expressed their 'disappointment' that the left-back chose to announce his involvement with NFTs.

One Twitter user said: "I think you've probably been paid a lot of money for this and been told that it's absolutely harmless but, knowing your background as a working class lad, I think you'd be horrified to know what this is and the financial damage the people at the bottom are going to have."


Another added: "This ain’t it. I know we always say “ignore social media comments” but in this instance I think you should listen to people. This is so disappointing."

A third user wrote: "ffs. You're better than this".


A fourth added: "robbo i love you but PLEASE do not get involved in NFTs, they’re so harmful".

Finally, another user wrote: "Oh Andy. Sort yourself out mate. Better than this".

Last week, Chelsea legend John Terry opted to removed the Premier League trophy from the Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) he had been promoting on his Twitter account after an intervention from the Premier League.