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26th Apr 2019

There was a dead pigeon on the pitch during Liverpool vs Huddersfield

Many viewers, and Daniel Sturridge, spotted a dead pigeon on the pitch at Anfield tonight, with some claiming a shot from Mohamed Salah took it out

Reuben Pinder

Some believe it was a Mohamed Salah shot that killed the poor bird

There was a dead pigeon on the field at Anfield tonight. As Liverpool went about picking Huddersfield apart limb by limb, some poor, innocuous pigeon took its last breath and fell dead on the turf.

There’s very little else to this story, to be honest. Everyone was talking about it though, because there was a fucking dead pigeon on the pitch.

Some even think it may have been a powerful shot from Mo Salah that killed him/her (the gender of the pigeon is not yet known). As the Egyptian unleashed a powerful shot that hit the side netting, it is thought that the pigeon flapped its wings for the last time and uttered its final ‘coo’.

Many thought it may have survived due to its apparent movement, but it appears that the heavy winds at Anfield were simply blowing the bird’s corpse around the pitch.

There’s no dignity in that. Poor fucker.

RIP birdie, we hardly knew you. YNWA.