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25th Sep 2016

Crying Chelsea fan humiliates himself on BBC radio after Arsenal defeat

"My TV isn't working anymore, because I smashed it up"

Robert Redmond

Football’s important, but it should never leave you calling up Robbie Savage to have a sob on national radio after smashing up your television.

Liverpool legend Bill Shankly famously said that football was more important than life or death, a comment made undoubtedly with his tongue firmly planted in his cheek. Because while it’s important, it just isn’t that important.

There’s always another game, another season, another chance to put things right.

It’s a distraction, an important distraction, that’s great to play, to watch, discuss and read about it. And while fans love their clubs, and can be left in a bad mood after a poor result, nothing that occurs on the pitch should leave you feeling like Bill the Chelsea fan on Saturday evening.

Bill had just witnessed his side get thrashed by Arsenal in the Premier League, losing 3-0, and decided to call-up Savage to vent.

As the call begins, Bill can be heard sobbing. He then goes on to make ludicrous statements about Antonio Conte’s record at Juventus and predicts Chelsea will finish outside the top four again this season.

Bill also reveals he destroyed his TV set in a rage at Chelsea’s display. Most fans of Premier League clubs dread the international break, with another one due after next week’s set of fixtures, but it sounds as though it can’t come soon enough for Bill.

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