Lifelong Leicester fan will win £100,000 bet if Claudio Ranieri's men go all the way 5 years ago

Lifelong Leicester fan will win £100,000 bet if Claudio Ranieri's men go all the way

We're not sure why you'd ever bet money on anything at 5000/1.

But it could turn out to be an absolutely inspired decision for Leicester City fan John Pryke.


Back in August, most people would probably have gutted themselves laughing at the thought that the Foxes could actually win the Premier League.

But not John - he went and put £20 of his hard-earned money on that exact outcome when the Foxes were priced at 5000/1.

It might have seemed like a crazy decision at the time to most of us - but there's a reason he stuck a purple beer token on his club to win the league.

Remember when Greece shocked everyone and went and won the 2004 Euro 2004. championship at 500/1? John does.


"I remember when Greece won the European Championships in 2004," he told The Sun.

"No-one fancied them. They were 500/1 to win it and I remember my son, Christopher, said to me: 'They'll win it, dad,' and I laughed at him.

"Lo and behold, they did. I didn't want to miss out like that again.

"I'm not a big gambler but when I saw the odds for City - 5,000-1, and with the way we finished last season - I thought it was worth a go."

Now with 13 games left and Claudio Ranieri's men six points clear it's looking an absolutely brilliant bet with Leicester now title favourites.


There are probably going to be a few squeaky bums in the Pryke household between now and May.