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08th May 2017

Liam Gallagher also had his say on those Sergio Agüero to Manchester United rumours

Just what we'd expect, to be fair...


Seriously though, does anyone think that Manchester United have a cat in hell’s chance of signing Sergio Agüero over the summer?

Ignoring the fact that Agüero currently earns a wage down the road at Manchester City and could already stake a strong claim to being the club’s greatest ever player, it’s not as if members of the Abu Dhabi royal family are the kind of owners who might be tempted by a big money offer, is it?

Despite all of the above, the story that Jose Mourinho quite fancies the idea of making a move for Agüero this summer was printed in more than a couple of newspapers over the weekend – prompting some to suggest that the Portuguese manager might be leaking information to the press in an attempt to unsettle the Argentine.

Even though the story was run by a number of national newspapers, nobody *really* expects Agüero to be turning out in United red by late August.

Take Liam Gallagher, for example.

The former Oasis frontman and City supporter even fired off a tweet on the subject as United’s long unbeaten run in the Premier League came to an end at Arsenal.

‘As if Sergio would sign for those bunch of jokers,’ Gallagher tweeted, before signing off with his usual ‘as you were’.

This wasn’t Liam’s last United-related tweet of the afternoon, either.

As Danny Welbeck added Arsenal’s second of the afternoon, he continued…

As you were.