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16th May 2019

Leon Osman discusses the mental health problems young footballers have to face

Reuben Pinder

Sponsored by Stubhub

‘Rest assured you will come up against a tough spell’

The mental health and wellbeing of footballers is an aspect of their careers that is often overlooked by fans and pundits. Top level players are expected to be immune to internal demons because, well, they earn good money. Of course this is a myth.

To tackle the myths around mental health problems among footballers, Stubhub hosted a mental health training event at Everton’s Finch Farm training ground.

At the MindFairGame event, Academy players who are about to enter key development years in their career were guests at a Q&A with Leon Osman, Matt Johnson and the PFA’s Michael Bennett.

We spoke to Leon Osman about the challenged he faced throughout his playing career and what more needs to be done to offer players the support they need.