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28th May 2019

Leeds United player under investigation as part of La Liga match-fixing probe


Investigations are currently on-going

Leeds United’s Samuel Saiz is one of a number of La Liga players under investigation as part of a Spanish police probe into match-fixing, it is reported.

Although Saiz is a Leeds United player, he spent the latter half of last season on loan with La Liga club Getafe. Spanish media have reported that he has not been formally arrested.

The probe comes after a second division Spanish league game between Huesca and Nastic de Tarragona sparked suspicion the season before last. Huesca had already been promoted to La Liga and lost 1-0 to Nastic, who were involved in a relegation battle to stay up.

Gambling agencies in Spain report an abnormal number of bets being made on a scoreless draw at half time and a win for Nastic. At least 30 websites and bookmakers suspended markets on the game after suspicions were raised.

Former Real Madrid player Raul Bravo, who has been described as the alleged “ring leader” of the group, is one of eleven players to have been arrested. Inigo Lopez Monatana, Borja Fernandez and Carlos Aranda are also reported to have been detained by authorities.

The players who have been arrested are accused of belonging to a criminal organisation, corruption and money laundering.

In a statement, a LaLiga spokesman said: “Today’s police action follows a complaint filed by LaLiga with the Spanish authorities about possible match-fixing in a May 2018 match.

“We want to thank the National Police for the extraordinary work done to dismantle what appears to be an organised criminal group dedicated to obtaining economic benefits through the predetermination of football matches.”

A spokesman for Spain’s police said: “I can confirm a police operation against match-fixing is ongoing.

“I cannot confirm any of the names of the detainees that are circulating in the Spanish press at this moment in time.

“That is because the operation is still ongoing.”