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12th Apr 2018

Leaked pictures of a PSG kit could be mistaken for my pyjamas

Well this is new

Oli Dugmore

Well this is new

PSG’s pre-match strip for the 2018/19 season has apparently leaked and it’s not a good look.

Staple of kit fanatics Footy Headlines, who have superbly consistent form on breaking jerseys before the official release, are reporting the Parisian Robinhos will be completing their match prep wearing this:

Not only are the website sure on the kit, they also believe it will be worn from January 2019.

Predominantly white, the Nike PSG 2019 pre-match top features a pattern of small blue and red lilies all over it. Parallels can be drawn to Nike’s 2018 World Cup pre-match tops in terms of style.

The Swoosh, placed on the right chest of the white Paris Saint-Germain 2018-19 pre-match shirt, is dark blue, as is the Emirates writing beneath.

All very well and good, apart from when you consider it bears a striking resemblance to my granddad’s pyjamas.