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01st May 2019

Photos have leaked of a Manchester United retro jersey harking back to 1999

Photos have leaked of a retro Manchester United jersey made by adidas which pays tribute to the treble winning 1998/99 season

Reuben Pinder

I imagine this will be very popular

Retro kits are the bee’s knees. They’re the cat’s pyjamas. The dog’s bollocks. Over the past few years, wearing retro football shirts with casual wear has become mainstream in the world of fashion, and brands have cottoned on to that trend, releasing modern remakes of classic jerseys. This was most notable when adidas released a new batch of international kits ahead of last summer’s World Cup: Argentina, Colombia, Germany and Spain all wore modern iterations of vintage jerseys from years gone by.

Now, Manchester United appear to be the latest team to have a classic jersey remade by the iconic sportswear brand, after leaked photos revealed designs of a jersey that harks back to the treble winning 1998/99 season.

Pablo Jimenez, (@pjimenez71) published photos of the jersey which and it’s safe to say United fans will be pleased with it. From the collar to the badge, it pays homage to the treble winning side of 1999, whose hero, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, is of course in charge of the United side right now.

The original jersey was of course made by Umbro, but this adidas edition is just as nice, if not more so.

The only thing it’s lacking is the iconic ‘Sharp’ sponsorship, but there is something beautiful about a shirt without a sponsor on the front. They’re just cleaner, aren’t they?

Look at it.

Lovely, isn’t it?