Lawrence Okolie recalls story of nearly reacting to rude customer in McDonalds 8 months ago

Lawrence Okolie recalls story of nearly reacting to rude customer in McDonalds

Okolie used to work in McDonalds before turning professional

Lawrence Okolie has spoken about the importance of his work away from the boxing ring, as well as life before he became a professional boxer.


The 28-year-old cruiserweight fighter went professional in March 2017, but before then, he was working in McDonalds - a time period he reflects on as an important part of his life.

In any scenario working with fast food, the pace is relentless and as a job, is largely under-appreciated for just how hard and demanding it actually is.

Okolie's experience was no different and during his appearance on JOE's brand new boxing podcast in partnership with DAZN, From the Corner, recalled a time where his patience was tested by a rude customer.


"I worked at a busy McDonalds in a train station and people want their food quickly," said Okolie.

"This one guy wanted a custom burger with no onions, no cheese and I said it would take at least three and a half minutes to make. He did his timings and said ‘GO’.

"He was being rude so I put his chips in the fridge, your order will come but your chips won’t be warm. I give him his food, he can catch his train on time and he goes.


"I see this guy sprinting back down and he say’s ‘this has got cheese in it’ and I’m thinking I’m getting fired.

"We get a fresh batch take the cheese off and give it to him. Literally no word of a lie he comes running back and he goes ‘There’s onions’ and he just threw the whole thing but it didn’t hit me thank goodness because I may not be here today who knows.”

The London-born boxer then went on to speak about current life outside the ring.

Okolie has worked hard on several projects, including writing about his book and when asked about what he'd like to do post-career, he revealed he would be keen to become an actor.


He said: “With boxing I’m proud but that’s my job and I’m good at it and I expect to win fights. But when stuff like [writing] books and my story being able to help and inspire other people that stuff gives me more satisfaction.”

“Boxing for me is until I can’t punch as hard or as fast, so I’m going to give it all I have in this period but there’s stuff I want to do past that.”

“I don’t know what DAZN’s doing but [I want to get into] acting.”