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18th Nov 2015

Kevin Davies reveals that Nemanja Vidic didn’t react well to a physical battle with him

No forgiveness

Darragh Murphy

Kevin Davies was no sweetheart when it came to a 50/50 ball.

The former Bolton forward remains joint-third in the list of all time yellow card recipients in the Premier League.

While his tackles were never malicious, Davies never shied away from making his presence known and he’s explained how some centre-halves took less kindly to his no-nonsense style of play than others.

Bolton Wanderers v Stoke City - Premier League

Davies, who retired from football in September, revealed that the likes of John Terry would always shake hands after being roughed up by Davies while former Manchester United defender Nemanja Vidic wasn’t quite as forgiving after a challenge.

“You know in the first challenge or two if you have the beating of [an opponent] in the air,” Davies told FourFourTwo. “The one I always loved playing against was John Terry.

“I caught him, he caught me. He was stretchered off once, but there were no grudges and we’d swap shirts.

“Someone like Nemanja Vidic, you’d tackle them and they wouldn’t shake your hand because they thought it was a personal insult. But it’s a physical game. Nowadays it’s going a bit soft.”