Kaka calls out Sunday league player who told him to 'cut it back' 1 year ago

Kaka calls out Sunday league player who told him to 'cut it back'

Imagine asking Kaká for a cut-back

Cast your mind back to earlier this year, before coronavirus had us all locked down, when you could play recreational football guilt free, and life seemed manageable if not perfect. You might remember Brazilian legend Kaká rocking up to a Sunday league game in Hackney as part of adidas' Rent-A-Pred campaign. You might also remember a player on the team he joined screaming for a cut-back, before the 2007 Ballon d'Or winner went on to smash the ball top bins with his weaker foot.


That famous "cut it back" video, filmed from the sidelines of the north London pitch, has become something of a meme on Twitter. From the absurdity of Kaká playing amateur football in Hackney, to the goal itself, the reaction from the sidelines and his teammate screaming for the pass, it's solidified itself as one of the great footballing videos to surface on the internet.

Now, Kaká has finally called out that teammate, Ali Aden, of Reach Out FC, asking him to prove that he was worthy of the cutback, by beating his score on adidas' GMR app.

Replying to a viral tweet about the whole episode, Aden said he still backed his original shout for the cutback.

To which Kaká responded...


“I have seen a lot of people talking since my appearance in Hackney last year, and I know Ali still believes he’s right. I saw what adidas are doing with GMR at moment, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to finally settle the debate with Ali and give him the opportunity to prove it with GMR. It’s over to him now.”

Kaka’s call out to Ali is the first case in adidas’ latest campaign which challenges the loudmouths and calls out the pretenders to ‘Prove it with GMR’. Judge Alhan Gencay and his team of prosecutors, which includes Millie Bright, Rachel Daly and Kaka himself, will be taking on cases in the coming days.