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03rd Jul 2017

Jurgen Klopp’s hat in Ibiza has got Neville and Carragher talking

Paul Moore

The Liverpool manager is definitely enjoying his summer holiday.

Even over the summer break, we’re certain that football managers never entirely switch off from their work. Every manager will usually be thinking about transfer targets, tactical tweaks, training regimes, new staff, upcoming fixtures and countless other things, but then there’s the small matter of actually having a life.

We all know just how stressful a career in football coaching can be, but we always got the impression that Jurgen Klopp is a man that’s definitely capable of enjoying life when he’s away from the dugout.

Granted, things at Anfield is rarely far from his thoughts, but there’s an infectious energy and enthusiasm about the German that’s hard not to like.

Case in point, check out his latest headgear while on holiday in Ibiza.

How can you not love this man?

While this hat might be more useful for a wet Wednesday evening in Stoke, Liverpool icon Jamie Carragher couldn’t help but comment on the fact that Klopp is definitely loving life at the minute.

In a professional sense, who would blame the former Dortmund coach?

Liverpool are back in the Champions League qualification rounds and they’ve acquired one of their main transfer targets already, Roma attacker Mohamed Salah.

It might be the off season, but Carragher has his own views about why Klopp seems so upbeat.


It didn’t take long until Gary Neville had his own say on the matter. See Evertonians, Neville has your back.

What about that hat though?