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31st Jul 2018

Jurgen Klopp surprises Liverpool fans in bar, joins in on singing ‘Allez Allez Allez’

The Liverpool boss found time during their pre-season tour of America to enjoy a beer and sing some chants with the local fans

Reuben Pinder

You can see why fans love him so much

Very few fanbases adore and admire their manager more than Liverpool fans do Jurgen Klopp. His warm, welcoming demeanour, committment to the cause and heavy metal football have made him a fan favourite and he absolutely loves it.

Liverpool are currently in the United States on their pre-season tour, working hard to get fit and sharp for the season ahead. But despite the intense training, busy schedule and all the training, Klopp still found time to enjoy a drink with Liverpool fans in a local bar.

LFCTV posted a video of the moment Klopp entered the bar in which musician and Reds fan Jamie Webster was playing a gig, and the reaction was priceless. Webster stopped in his tracks, stunned at who he had just seen walk through the door.

He then proceeded to play the famous chant sung around Anfield, ‘Allez Allez Allez’, which became a sensation during last season. Klopp joined in with the fans in the bar to sing the tune, soaking up the love and optimism that flowed through the room.

It’s this relationship between the manager and the fans that has helped foster an electric atmosphere at Anfield in recent months. Throughout Liverpool’s Champions League run last season, the atmosphere at their home matches played a big part in intimidating visiting teams and Klopp’s passion played a part in creating that atmosphere.

Good times are ahead for Liverpool fans.