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26th Jul 2018

José Mourinho ‘angry’ after Anthony Martial flies home for the birth of his child

Their relationship appears to be on its last legs

Reuben Pinder

José Mourinho is a grumpy man.

Anthony Martial and José Mourinho’s relationship appears to be on its last legs. The player’s future at the club is uncertain, Mourinho appears to prefer the less enigmatic, more consistent attackers in the squad, and things don’t seem to be getting any better between the pair.

As reported by BBC journalist Shamoon Hafez, via Paul Hirst of the Times, Mourinho is “angry” and “deeply unhappy” at Martial for leaving Manchester United’s pre-season tour for the birth of his child.

Martial then reportedly told his teammates that he has no intention of returning for the last two matches of the tour.

Of all the reasons to get an impromptu flight home from a work trip, the birth of your child is definitely top of the list. Mourinho’s apparent anger at the situation hints at an ongoing feud between the two players.

This could be the final straw and could potentially all but bring Martial’s time at Manchester United to an end. There will be plenty of clubs willing to take the player, but transfers like this are never easy. United will still command a high fee, especially given the fact that only two weeks remain in the transfer window.