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22nd Jan 2016

Jose Aldo reveals he still hasn’t received his UFC 194 payout

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Ben Kiely

It looks like Jose Aldo is still waiting for this slice of the UFC 194 pay-per-view pie.

Aldo banked a whopping $400,000 for his loss to Conor McGregor in the featherweight title fight, according to the disclosed salaries. While that’s not a bad return for a 13-second fight, the Brazilian revealed he still hasn’t received his PPV payout.

“Fuck no, no way. I haven’t seen any of it. I still don’t know how they did in pay-per-view.”

“I hope it sold well so we can at least win in that area, but I never thought about money or anything. We talk about this because people ask, but on my daily basis I leave that aside.”

Headliners usually get “points” for PPV events, meaning the earn some money based on the number of “buys” it gets. The UFC doesn’t release its PPV numbers, but UFC 194 was estimated to be have one of the highest buy-rates in the promotion’s history.