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04th Jul 2018

Jordan Pickford’s teenage tweets are delightfully charming

Jordan Pickford made some great saves against Colombia, and he also has some marvellous old tweets

Wayne Farry

jordan pickford

Jordan Pickford is now a national hero

After his penalty heroics at the end of England’s round of 16 World Cup tie against Colombia on Tuesday, Jordan Pickford cemented his place in the England history books.

In saving the penalty, Pickford became the first England goalkeeper to save a penalty in a World Cup shoot-out since David Seaman against Argentina in 1998.

No matter what happens between now and the end of the tournament, Pickford has done himself proud, and achieved things that his younger self would scarcely believe.

How do we know what his younger self would have thought? Well, thankfully there’s a little something called Twitter, and Pickford has been a fan for quite some time.

Now, I know what you’re thinking but fear not, this not some sting, looking for bad things, this is merely a list featuring a selection Pickford’s numerous funny, innocent and brilliantly charming teenage tweets.

Sit back and enjoy.