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12th Nov 2018

The JOE Monday Football Quiz: Week 13

Wayne Farry

football quiz

We are back to regular broadcasting with the JOE Monday Football Quiz this week

With Evil Jose creator Kyle Picknell now back writing the greatest Football Manager series of all time, the football quiz is back in the capable and clammy hands of yours truly.

But despite his departure, some things will remain the same this week. For example, there will be a European vibe to the questions this week, with those who have kept up to date with the goings on at Camp Nou and Der Klassiker probably fairing a little better than those who have not.

Also, those that have read JOE over the weekend will also have a slightly better chance than those who – for some bizarre reason – have not.

It is probably also worth mentioning that we finish the quiz with one of those really hard questions none of you seem to like but which I, for some reason, cannot bring myself to part with entirely.

Anything less than 10 is something which you should keep hidden from those close to you for years to come, so by all means let us know what scores you’ve got on social media.

Now, go’on, git!