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25th Apr 2017

Jesse Lingard and Ashley Young team up to prank Juan Mata with very odd drawings

Paul Moore

If you want to know what Mata looks like as a centaur…

Given that Manchester United are facing an absolutely vital match against their local rivals this week, you would assume that the atmosphere in their dressing room is tense and focused.

Well, it’s clear that Ashely Young and Jesse Lingard are happy to lighten the mood because they took some time out to help a United fan prank Juan Mata during the recent Everything But Football Football Show.

In the segment, you can see the fan showing Mata the ‘drawings’ that he made of the Spanish international.

If you’ve ever wanted to see a drawing of the playmaker as centaur or what he would look like as a magician while cutting his grass, take a look.

Maybe this is what Mourinho scribbles down in his notepad during matches?

To Mata’s credit, it’s clear that he took the gag well and even signed his autograph on them. We wonder if he’ll manage to get some payback on Young and Lingard?

Watch this space.