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14th Jun 2019

Japan fans stay behind after win over Scotland to clear up rubbish in stadium

Japan fans are at it again, clearing up the rubbish left by other fans after their victory over Scotland in this summer's World Cup

Reuben Pinder

Touch. Of. Class. Clap emoji.

Japan beat Scotland 2-1 on Friday in this summer’s Women’s World Cup, leaving Shelley Kerr’s side’s hopes of making it out the group hanging by a thread. The Scots will be praying for Argentina to cause an upset against England tonight, as they would have done anyway, but now it really matters.

Japan fans were of course delighted with the result, but saved the celebrations for later, as they hung around in Roazhon Park in Rennes, clearing up all the rubbish other fans had left behind.

This is not a new thing – you may remember Japan fans doing the same during last summer’s World Cup, when the men’s team narrowly made it through their group ahead of Senegal thanks to the fair play rule, before being knocked out by eventual semi-finalists Belgium.

This is a key part of their football fan culture, apparently, being respectful of their host’s stadium and clearing up their own mess.

I’m sure you’ll agree this gesture is worthy of at least three clapping emojis and the touch of class hashtag.

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